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Bringing the top specialists to your local clinic. A solution that you needed, could afford but did not have access to.

Why MyTeleClinic

Tele-OPD Consultations With The Best Specialists

We are very picky about the specialists we onboard, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Undiluted Consultation Experience

When the interaction is a matter of someone’s life, there is no room for compromise.

The Co-Doctor

Like a right hand to the specialist sitting far away, the on-site physician will assist with the examination and more.

Disruptive, Yet Familiar

We designed the entire platform in a way that it fits the doctor’s normal clinical workflow.

Digilocker For Documents

All your medical records are digitized and stored with industry grade encryption.


Gone are the days of complicated EMR systems. Nothing is more than 3 clicks away on our platform.

About Us

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MyTeleClinic is a product born out of the sheer necessity of quality healthcare for the masses. We envision to dissolve the hurdles a common middle-class Indian face while seeking the medical care they deserve. For that, we are working towards a complete teleconsultation solution with end to end logistics control.

We condense our focus on just two things: Giving the patient an undiluted experience of seeing a real doctor, aided by the physical presence of a medical professional; and making the entire process as undemanding as possible for the specialist. Other features are just a byproduct. If the experience is satisfactory for the patient and convenient for the doctor, we believe we have won the battle for telemedicine.

We are a team of doctor and engineers who spotted a gaping void in India’s healthcare system and dedicated ourselves to resolving it. We believe that healthcare should be simple, both for the patients as well as the caregiver. The ultimate goal is to develop a name to which people with the trust that no matter what illness they suffer from, they will be ushered into the care of the specialist they deserve.


A complete telemedicine platform with end to end logistic control to ensure a seamless consultation experience for both the patient as well as the doctor.​

Telemedicine Kiosk

For an undiluted satisfaction of visiting your trusted doctors.

Teleclinic Management System

A medical software that doesn’t make you pull your hairs out.

Centralised EMR

You bring it, we digitize it. You access it whenever you want.

Official Announcement

MyTeleClinic is the official solution provider for Biomarked

Biomarked is a family of passionate nutritional advisors unified towards helping people recover from lifestyle disorders. Learn, motivate, transform, and explore opportunities in the wellness space.

MyTeleClinic is the official solution provider for
Grace Fertility

Grace Fertility is a futuristic and non-judgemental women’s health centre dedicated to infertility. They give you a safe space with state of the art facilities to make your family building experience seamless. Their team understands how intimidating it can be to navigate healthcare in India. To change that, they have ensured that their processes are built around ethics, transparency and kindness.

MyTeleClinic is the official solution provider for
Dr Sarthak Sidapara's Clinic